"When I first heard about the concept of Pictures For Progress, I was intrigued and curious. Purchasing a piece of art to enjoy and also give back to charity sounded great, but I didn't completely grasp the concept.


I liked Pictures For Progress' idea of establishing art works in healthcare facilities - to benefit patients,doctors, nurses and other employee's overall morale, while at the same time giving back to so many causes that need funding. But would it really make a difference? I filed it away and went on with my busy life. As it turns out, only a few months later I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Scared and drained both emotionally and physically, I sat in my doctor's office waiting for yet another exam and the umpteenth test to be done - staring ahead at a blank wall. Ugh! And in that moment I recalled Pictures For Progress. I longed for an image to help take my mind off all that was happening. Something hopeful, something reassuring, something thought provoking, something that reminded me that life was beautiful and everything was going to be ok. 


After many equally barren hospital rooms, I realized how Pictures For Progress could truly help a patient’s journey and even motivate one towards recovery. Providing hope that one may not be able to find within, but can see and embrace through an image.


P4P_NDesai.P-21.tif© Naren Desai


Today, I am beyond thrilled to say today I am a cancer survivor! Being someone who has been in and out of healthcare facilities quite a bit during this past year, I have taken so many great and wonderful things away with me. I do not take my life or my health for granted even in the slightest. Pictures For Progress was something I once put on the back burner, but now I feel strongly that if a picture can say a thousand words, maybe that same picture hanging in a hospital room can also save a thousand lives! Or more." 


Elise Toren Breast Cancer Warrior