Our Donation Process

Twenty (20%) percent gross of each print sale goes to your choice of charity listed in our Current Beneficiaries. To protect the value of your donation, P4P carefully vets each organization via Charity Navigator before listing them on our site. All monies will be held until lump sum contributions are allocated either annually, bi-annually or quarterly, depending on our growth and success!


Pictures For Progress Is A Community

As part of our community we want to keep you updated on our progress, as well as on how your participation is making a difference. In time, you can check the website to see how much money sales are generating for your chosen charity. Sign up HERE for P4P updates and site notifications


Tell Us What You Like

We want to know which images are your “favorite”; it’s helpful to know the kind of art you want to see in your home and office. To do so, just click on the heart icon above each enlarged image.

While we appreciate and support our artists wholeheartedly – our primary focus is to fund and strengthen the charities making a real difference on the planet. Your purchases are the driving force behind that effort.


Pass The Story On

To our qualifying P4P supporters that have directed donations to an outlying charity of their choice, we want to celebrate your participation on our site as well. Look for a special page commemorating your support of the arts and your community. We’ll provide information about your company, your contribution, and the good works of your chosen charity.  


Please remember that every purchase, large or small, generates a donation And that every donation matters. We intend to acknowledge all of our Participants' efforts to give back to society while celebrating the arts.


This is just the beginning of a story in progress, and we’re so glad that you’re a part of it!