"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders

                                     will be those who empower others."  Bill Gates 



Our mission at Pictures For Progress is to change how people think about giving.  

We've created a Premium Exhibition Package to offer business and community leaders, as well as generous individuals, a clear path to giving that can inspire the public and change the world. In any public space, whether you're designing a personal office, hotel lobby or guest rooms, restaurant walls, reception areas and hallways in corporate buildings, the artwork selected creates a first impression about your professional identity and value of your clientele. It sends a message about who and what you care about. It's a part of your brand.


Changing the world, one image at a time.

We believe that in today's political climate, a lot of successful businesses and corporations are getting a bad rap; their image has become one of greed and self-service. Pictures For Progress wants to change that perception. We all know that a business can't survive without public patronage. But we also knew that when businesses support artists, and the investment from that support benefits local, national, and international charities, the union of art and commerce can change the world. 


Every Premium Exhibition Package includes Pictures For Progress signage certifying your community support through our fundraising mission. Additionally, for both businesses and individuals investing at this premium donation level, we'll acknowledge your support and provide information about you or your business on our website. You may also designate the charity of your choice, regardless of whether it's on our current roster. Please contact us directly for more information about how to make the donation in your name for that end-of-year write-off!


Let us help you shine!

Our curatorial production staff loves to customize exhibitions that suit both your space and your taste. Image sizing is flexible at this level, personal assistance with framing optional, and if you don't see what you like in our current library of images, we'll help you find or create what you're looking for. We also offer the option to lease a small set of exhibitions, so that a quarterly or bi-annual rotation will keep your environmental message fresh.  Pictures For Progress will provide beautiful high-quality art with a subtle subtext that displays the civic concern and social awareness of your company.  Not to mention a thoughtful environment for the pleasure of your clients and employees.


We're happy to discuss any ideas you might have about how to use art to educate and support your community and to change the world, one image at a time.


For more information, please contact: [email protected]